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BlackDeath14 (Member) 4/20/2012 3:07 PM EST : Karok's Cestus Tips/Tricks/Talk/Q&A
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First of all it's my first time that I write something like that, suggestions are welcome and I will try to keep this up-to-date and extend it to over time.

Cestus skills:
- Weaving :
Cestus Karok's dodge skill, it nullifies all damage taken while weaving and fills up the Blast Gauge by 1 for each damage absorption

- Weave Attack:
You need rC Weaving to unlock this skill, at rF you will be able to use a smash right after weaving(shift, R), at rC you can add a combo after the weaving attack(shift,R,L,...) combo like LLR(E), LLLR(E), LLLLR(E) Important: The usually first normal attack that you can use without weaving can NOT be used after weave attack, the first L will be skipped

- Blast mastery:
Increases damage and knochdown chance of your Blasts.


- Blast: Terror Rush:
Depending on your skill rank it increases your ATK speed ( requires Blast Gauge Lvl.1).

- Blast: Crushing Strike:
Depending on your skill rank it increases your ATT (requires Blast gauge Lvl.2).

- Blast: Destroyer:
If this skill is active your next smash/blast/big bang will be 100%ly a critical hit (requires Blast gauge Lvl.3).

Note: The skill rank of the Blasts also increase the duration of the buff you get from them

Big Bang:
This skill will create a huge exlosion in front of you after the Cestus charged. You need atleast Blast: Destroyer on rC to learn it, the damage of Big Bang is also influenced by your current Blast gauge Lvl.

SP Skills:

Only useable if you got a debuff from an enemie on you, consumes 1 SP bar(250), useable with Pillar AND Cestus. After usage it removes one Debuff and activates a 5sec long Buff that heals you each sec, the HP you get depends on your skill rank.

- Gigantic Strength:

Activates all Blasts, reduces the damage you take depending on your skill rank for a amount of time, consumes 2 SP bars (500) (the Blast buffs you get are based on your skill rank of them).

- Hulking Fury:

Consumes 4 SP bars(1000), charges up a strong hit and you can add up to 9(!) smash attacks, just press your smash button how often you want. Each rank increases the attack speed of the combo and the ATT of the combo.


Weaving is very important for a Cestus Karok, if you don't use it you will die. You need to learn the timing of weaving to survive, so training is the key to a successful battle.

Not only the weave skill can nullifie the taken damage, there are some moves that got some weaving frames too.
- First normal attack (L)
- First smash attack (R)
- Big Bang; some Weaving frames while charging
- Hulking Fury; while charging at the beginning (+ Invicibilty while whoel attack, but no weaving frames)

For acceptable fighting you should have atleast the following ranks of skills
- Weaving rC (to unlock weaving attack)
- Weaving Attack rA (to be able to use all kind of attacks after a weave)
- Blast: Destroyer rC (to be able to use the Big Bang Attack)
- Cestus Mastery r9 (to be able to wear the best Cesti)

Other important Skills:

- Standing Endurance  (A Karok is tall for sure, but he can be knocked down too, so you should rank this up, it can save your life! Atleast r9 should be fast achieved to be able to use the roll)
- Smash Mastery (Increases the damage of your smashes)
- Critical Hit (Increases the chance for a critical hit and it's damage. Yeeey! More damage!)
- Battle Respiration rA (Increases the regeneration speed of your Stamina. A Cestus Karok consumes much Stamina and this skill is important for every class! As faster it regenerates as sooner you can go back into the battle and pown Fomorians! Should be atleast on rA. Higher ranks are damn expensive and the regeneration improvement isn't that good as rF-rA, skill it sometime later on r6 if you skileld everything important)
- Combat Mastery r6 (Increases the damage of normal attacks. Yey again, more damaaaaage!)

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Dominnique (SuperAdmin) 4/25/2012 1:17 PM EST : RE: Karok's Cestus Tips/Tricks/Talk/Q&A
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Thank you so much for your time and effort on posting this thread.

I appreciate it very much ^^

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