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Divine Punishment is a Vindictus Europe guild created by Dominnique.

I have been asked to join dozens of guilds who recruit for recruitment’s sake. Divine Punishment is a community-based guild that seeks having fun ingame. I take the guild as a whole unit, not just individual players.

The pillar rule on which I assemble the entire ingame dogma is mutual respect. I believe in equality for guildies as well as for myself, even if that means sacrificing my own limited time online to help others, hoping that this will create a chain reaction for others to do the same. Helping the guildies always results in helping yourself as a team and as an individual.

A guild that has patience, knowledge of in-game criteria, and a positive up-lifting attitude to those within our guild and to those associated with us is what I'm trying to achieve.

The player palette ranges from Crimson Blade beginners to capped pros. Gamestyles differ from relaxed to timed maximum damage dealing strategists. Daily raids are hosted and there's always someone willing to go beyond the limit and dicscover something new and exciting. You can embrace one of our gamestyles or create your own.

Guild News

Event: Create Lynn

Dominnique, Jun 17, 14 1:34 PM.

The machines!!! Rage against the machineS!!!

Dominnique, Jan 15, 14 4:42 AM.

Event: Create Hurk !

Dominnique, Dec 10, 13 3:36 AM.

"Twin Peaks" - Vindictus style!!!

Dominnique, Nov 30, 13 8:07 AM.

Heat up hell, beloved Divines, and forge your weapons in it!!! Vindictus Season 2 Eisode 2

Dominnique, Jun 18, 13 2:32 PM.
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